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Contact us today for all your coco & coir needs.

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Contact us today for all your coco & coir needs.
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Unit 1 The Byre
Court Farm
West Chiltington Lane
RH14 9DL

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+44 (0) 2071756786

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Monday – Friday 10AM – 8PM

Contact us today for all your coco & coir needs. As the world leader in all things coconut, and its abundance of substrates and derivatives, Coco & Coir is at your service. Our business caters to multiple subsets of individuals, with all groups eventually intersecting as eco friendly personalities. Do reach out to Coco & Coir today:

  • Horticulturists/Floriculturists: Looking to purchase premium quality coir coco peat for your gardening needs.
  • Hydroponic Growers: Looking to adopt a peat moss free, soilless growing medium. Coco peats for hydroponics deliver unparalleled outputs and yield for indoor farmers.
  • Homeowners: In the quest for a more eco friendly home. With expertly spun coir yarn, we make high quality coir door mats, mattresses, chairs, and brooms. Increase the output of your home garden by conditioning your plain soil with the highly optimized coir coco peat.
  • Small and Medium Scale Enterprises: In search of a viable b2b partner, and interested in growing your brand as a green company, ecologically conscious brand. Companies looking to switch to a more sustainable and environment friendly growing medium should get in touch with us for partnerships.
  • Landscapers: Watching for ways to sculpt a perfect golf course. And most importantly, contact us, if you believe in sustainable and environmental conscious practices: towards a cleaner, greener world. Embracing coir products, especially the adoption of coco peat as a growing medium, will steadily reduce the exploitation of the finite peat moss resources available.

Our doors are always open for enquiries and correspondence, because we recognize the importance of mutually beneficial relationships, and customer feedback. Do reach out today.

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