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What is coir?

Our coir is made from 100% coconut husks, which is the bi-product of the coconut growing industry. It is 100% organic, naturally biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and sustainable. It is the perfect alternative to peat, and other peat substitutes, especially as it lasts three times longer in use.

Why is coir such a good growing medium?

Our Coco Coir helps improve the growing conditions. Its open texture provides the perfect balance of aeration, drainage and water retention. It encourages beneficial soil microbes, and is pH and nutrient balanced.

Can I use Coco Grow to improve my soil?

Yes, it’s the perfect soil improver. Its open texture helps to break up heavy clay soils and it improves water and nutrient retention in light, sandy soils. It also encourages beneficial soil microorganisms, essential for healthy plant growth.

Can I use Coco Grow for growing vegetables, herbs and fruit?

Yes, it’s perfect for use with all edible crops.

Can Coco Grow be used to grow microgreens and sprouting seedlings?

Yes, it’s perfect for both uses.

Can Coco Grow be used as a growing medium for carnivorous plants?

Yes, it’s open structure, water-holding ability and low plant nutrient content makes it perfect for all carnivorous plants.

Can I use Coco Grow to grow cacti and succulents?

On its own, no. You would need to mix it approximately 50:50 with sharp sand and horticultural grit first.

I only need a small amount of compost. If I rehydrate the whole brick, how long will it last before I need to use it?

Our Coco Coir has a more-or-less indefinite “shelf life” once it has been wetted, but it would be best to use it within three to four months. If you only need a small amount, it would be better to cut off just what you need from the dry brick.

You recommend using warm water, but I can only use cold water. Is this alright?

We only recommend using warm water, as it speeds up the rehydration process. Cold water will be perfectly fine, just a little bit slower.

Can I use Coco Grow as a mulching material?

Coco Grow is an excellent mulching material where you need a combined mulch and soil improver - such as in heavy clay soils or light sandy soils. If you only want a mulch, then we recommend using Coco Chip.

Can I use Coco Grow for repotting orchids?

Coco Grow tends to be too fine grade to give really good results with most orchids. Coco Chip is a much better product for orchid growing, potting up and repotting.

Do I need to feed my plants growing in Coco Grow?

All plants growing in containers (including indoor plants) need a regular supply of nutrients to ensure strong, healthy growth and lots of flowers. Coco Grow doesn’t contain any supplementary nutrients, so you will need to add these by applying a fertiliser while the plants are actively growing; for the vast majority of plants this is from early spring to early autumn.

You can either use a liquid feed every couple of weeks during the growing seasons or a granular feed less frequently; follow the instructions on the fertiliser container for frequency and amount.

I want to use Coco Grow to grow mushrooms. Is it suitable? Also, some websites mention that Trichoderma can affect growth, and I’m wondering if the coir is pasteurised will the Trichoderma go away?

Yes, it is suitable for producing mushroom crops.

There are numerous microorganisms all around us, and some have a positive effect on plant growth and others have a negative impact. Trichoderma is supposed to be a beneficial microorganism, mycorrhiza being another. They are known for protecting the plant from harmful microorganisms.

However, these are not naturally occurring, but are introduced by the substrate manufacturers to introduce specific requirements. And there are many strains in the Trichoderma family, some of which are stronger than others. In such ‘inoculated’ substrates, use of strong chemicals and even boiling water is not recommended as it would kill the beneficial microbe colonies. All our composts are free from any microorganisms - both beneficial and harmful.

What other non-gardening/horticultural uses can Coco Grow be used for?

It is perfect for all reptile bedding, arachnids, snails, rat dig boxes, as well as worm bedding and for use in vermiculture.

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