Grow Your Own Microgreens Kit – Seed Propagator


Packed with nutrients and essential vitamins. Microgreens are incredibly beneficial for our health. You cannot get fresher than cutting your own! Each microgreens kit contains everything you need for great tasting microgreens or microherbs.

This is also an ideal gift for gardeners, foodies and to give something that is hugely rewarding.

This is an easy way to grow your own nutritional, vitamin-packed fresh microgreens and herbs in as little as 7 days with these kits available in 3 sizes.

Re-usable with all you need to grow your own indoors:

  • Propagator, lid and tray
  • 3 coir growing mats
  • Pack of seeds
  • Full instructions
  • certified carbon neutral manufacturer
  • Responsible Sourcing Scheme Approved

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Take mealtimes to the next level with healthy microgreens that add colour and texture to mealtimes. Why buy overpriced microgreens from supermarkets, which have lost so much of their nutritional value?

With little effort, it is easy and fun to save money and grow your own microgreens and herbs. In fact, the easiest foods to grow at home at all times of the year and no green fingers are needed!

The kit is reusable and with additional seeds can be used over and over again. No soil is required, as our coir mats create the perfect conditions for strong, healthy root development, creating the tastiest microgreens. Why not try different seeds and get creative?

The propagator is available in 3 sizes to suit a range of convenient indoor locations.

  • Easy-to-Grow Vegetables and Herbs
  • Everything you need to grow fresh, nutritious microgreens and herbs
  • Harvest in up to 2 weeks
  • Seeds Included

Our ready to use propagator and coco coir mat makes seeding and growing easy. Just a spray of water per day after setup.


  1. Soak the mat in warm water in the tray
  2. Soak large (3mm <) seeds in cold water for a few hours, small seeds do not need pre-soaking
  3. Drain excess water from the tray. Leave mats in the tray
  4. Spread your seeds evenly across the wet mat, so they do not sit on top of each other, but are tightly packed as much as possible to germinate the maximum number of seeds
  5. Add the propagator lid
  6. Place in a bright, ideally sunny spot. The windowsill microgreen kit has been specifically made to fit windowsills
  7. Spray daily with cold water if required to keep the mat moist, but so seeds are not sat in water
  8. At 3- 6cm tall harvest shoots with scissors. Rinse and use in recipes as desired.