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Everything in a nutshell…

In a world that seems to lose a little bit of it’s light every day, we decided to sprinkle beauty, in our own little way. Coco & Coir has, at its very core, a longing to create a better, safer, and greener world.

How do we do this?
Encouraging and promoting sustainable farming and crafting. Abandoning old, outdated, wasteful, and provably unsafe practices, for a far gentler (and greener) approach. We tap into the stream of endless potential of the coconut. From, probably the most under utilised raw material today, the coconut husk, we create a stream of products that influence several aspects of modern life.

The foundation of our brand is in horticulture. A sector, that in reality, encompasses the majority of people. With our high-grade coir coco peats, and promoting a steady shift to peat moss free gardens, we appeal to the inner environmentalist.

Our mission of sustainable beauty, extends into causal, and everyday products. With your help, we are marching towards a world filled with products made from sustainable material. Our line of creatively crafted home décor and props, are sure to lend your home a more earthly vibe. Together, we will create a more environmentally conscious world, one coir door mat at a time. Coco & Coir is, in a nutshell, a brand advocating, flowering beauty in a cleaner, more sustainable way. Unlike coconuts, why we do our bit to make the world greener, is not hard to crack.

From the small and medium scale enterprises harvesting flowers and managing exotic nurseries, or schools employing ecologically sustainable agriculture, and even the grandma in the suburbs tending to the rose garden in her backyard, Coco & Coir caters to your needs. Our coco & coir products are made using only the most efficient and sustainable production methods. We pride ourselves on providing ready to use coco peats, without the additional hassles of curing and adjusting nutrient rations.

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