Harmony Gardens Chipped Bark 50L

This all-purpose bark mulch is for beds and borders and adds a decorative finish to any garden area. Completely peat-free and carbon neutral, our finely graded bark chips offer excellent soil and plant base protection against slugs and snails, dehydration on hot days, and freezing during winter.

Created using timber industry by-products, this mulch is popular in landscaping for creating wooded pathways and a naturally attractive finish, all with minimal environmental impact. No trees have been cut down to produce this organic chipped bark, making it as kind to the earth as it is to your garden.

Save up to 20% with our multi-buy option. 

  • certified carbon neutral manufacturer
  • Responsible Sourcing Scheme Approved

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In stock

Harmony Gardens Chipped Bark is a natural wood bark that looks and smells fantastic. It can be used in various settings, from beds and borders to pots and open play areas. 

A mulch layer of our chipped bark offers excellent root and soil protection, allowing plants to flourish by protecting the soil surface from dehydration in summer and frost in winter. It also improves soil structure over time, strengthening root systems. Additionally, chipped bark mulch reduces weed growth and helps deter slugs and snails, saving you hours of work and preventing plant loss.

All Harmony Garden products are made from byproducts or recycled materials and are sourced locally whenever possible. They are 100% peat-free and carbon neutral to PAS2060 standards. 

  • Medium chipped even bark
  • Recycled wood means no trees have been cut down
  • Naturally releases trace nutrients when biodegrading
  • Protects plant base to support overall plant health
  • Provides roots essential protection during winter, by maintaining warmth at the top of the soil
  • Reduces the need for watering in summer by trapping moisture in the soil.
  • Ideal for beds, borders, pots and open play areas. 
  • Used for both practical and decorative purposes. 
  • Suitable for landscaping and creating wooden pathways. 

This product is ready to use. To effectively add a protective mulch add between 2.5cm and 6cm mulch. Less than 2.5cm will not prevent weeds from growing through.

Avoid mounding the mulch around plant stems as this can cause rotting of the stem and lock in too much moisture.

Do not apply too thickly to areas with bulbs yet to grow as a thick mulch will hinder growth. Mulch is best applied in the winter to protect against frost and after all plants are maturing in late spring in preparation for summer heat.

  • High Performance
  • Specialist Plants
  • Nutrient Balanced
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