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Plastic-Free Summer Gardening with Kids

Low-cost ideas for summer gardening for kids Gardening involves all the senses, so it’s no surprise that we can have such strong childhood memories of messing about with plants and getting our hands muddy in the dirt (we’re guilty of making a few ‘potions’ and mud pies back in the day – and coco coir…

The Benefits of Urban Gardening

Urban gardening: a green revolution? During the pandemic, many people discovered the joys of tending and nurturing a plant – or three! With so many Insta-gardeners proving you don’t need a massive garden to enjoy nature, more and more urbanites are taking up gardening and discovering a wonderful new hobby! What is urban gardening? Put…

Compostable plant pots – Let’s go plastic free

Winning at life with compostable plant pots Compostable plant pots can be a gamechanger for gardeners. If you’re looking for a solution that is better for your seedlings, your wallet and the planet, they can be the answer! There are a range of options available including our new coir plant pots, but also many other…

Inspirational gardening trends for the New Year

With the winter solstice now behind us and the days gradually getting longer, thoughts are starting to turn towards the rejuvenating essence of Spring. While the new year has only just begun, it’s never too early to start planning your garden for the rest of the year. 2022 will see an array of styles and…

Gardening: The Benefits to Your Health and Wellbeing

At Coco & Coir, we truly believe that a healthy garden is a happy garden – and the same can be said about ourselves! In fact, what some people don’t realise is that both a garden’s health and our own go hand in hand.

Gardening Is Good For You

Coco & Coir’s Coco Boost has all the benefits of Coco Grow, and with all the added nutrients plants need to get off to the best possible start. 

Get Children Gardening

Contact with the natural world can be incredibly nurturing for children, making a connection with their natural environment, helping them learn about nature, the seasons and weather – and much, much more.