The Benefits of Coco Coir

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Coco coir is a natural waste product of the coconut growing industry and is perhaps the most versatile of all organic growing mediums. As an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss, coco peat has a natural resistance to diseases and provides excellent water retention as well as aeration to plants.


  • 100% Organic and a renewable resource
  • Uniform in Composition, odorless
  • Good drainage / Good aeration
  • High water holding capacity, great absorption
  • Promotes strong root growth
  • Affordable and High Quality

Let’s look at these advantages in further detail


Since coco coir is a natural waste product it causes minimal impact on the environment and is a great way to use the part of the coconut that would otherwise be left as waste. Due to the lack of sustainable production of peat moss, a medium which takes hundreds of years to replenish, gardeners are slowly making the switch to more environmentally friendly alternatives. Coco coir also has the advantage of being reusable as it can be easily recycled. This enables gardeners to use coir in a variety of ways in greenhouses, potted plants, and outdoors.


At Coco & Coir, we ensure that our coco peat briquettes are pathogen and pest free with an even consistency. Choosing a higher-quality coco coir will promote your plants to grow to full maturity. Coco peat is also fun to work with since it is odorless and pleasant to handle. When you purchase high quality coco peat, it also enables it to be recycled and re-used within the garden, saving you not just from creating more garden waste, but also from spending money on more gardening products. Coco coir’s affordability is most noticeable when buying in bulk, so the larger garden you have, the more money you save by buying multiple coco peat bricks!


Coco coir supports a variety of plants. When mixed with rocks in a pot that provides good drainage, it can provide a home for succulents due to its good drainage and aeration, ensuring that roots don’t become over-watered and rot.

Coco coir is an excellent addition to the garden and can improve the texture of clay or sandy soil which will enable plants to grow sturdy roots. It will also allow plants to access added nutrients during the feeding and watering process. Coir can also be mixed with fertiliser, compost and soil in raised beds to grow your vegetables of choice. By mixing coir, it gives plants an opportunity to grow in a more nutrient dense environment.

However, because coco coir has a pH level near neutral, by mixing the substrate it can become more or less alkaline or acidic so gardeners will need to plan what they grow accordingly and adjust pH levels if necessary.