The Benefits of Thick Coir Doormats

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Using renewable and sustainable resources is one of the most important ways we can tackle climate change. You can do your part by buying products made from environmentally friendly materials, such as our coco coir doormats


There are many reasons to choose our coir doormats over other options, but perhaps the most notable of them is that you are helping to save the world.

Unlike doormats made from artificial fibres, coir doormats are created from organic materials that haven’t been treated with harmful chemicals or pesticides. Coco coir is a renewable fibre harvested from the husk of the humble coconut. Rather than being consigned to landfill, the coconut husks we source are instead recycled to make beautiful doormats.

Coconut coir is commonly used to make eco-friendly peat designed for soil. Unlike peat moss, which is currently unsustainable and environmentally harmful to harvest, coco coir has absolutely zero negative effects on our ecosystem.

Primarily produced across Asia, from India to Vietnam, coco coir is made from fresh-water coconuts that have been peeled, soaked, defibred, and dried by local farmers. Once prepared, the husks are then shipped and made into exquisitely crafted doormats.

By decorating your home or business with thick coir doormats, you’re not just using something made from recycled materials; you’re also supporting the production of coco coir. Switching to more eco-friendly substances like coconut coir is an easy and cost-effective way to help preserve our environment.


Coconut coir doormats aren’t only environmentally friendly, they’re also fantastically good at keeping your house or office clean of water and dirt.

The natural qualities of the coconut make its husk the perfect material for crafting doormats.

Its coarse fibres form a highly absorbent layer which effectively soaks up water and collects dirt and dust. With a non-slip rubber surface on the back, thick coir doormats are ideal for high-traffic areas such as kitchens and hallways. Coco coir also boasts some impressive weather resistance, so leaving your mat outside is not a problem.

In fact, coir mats are incredibly durable full stop. Coco coir’s natural fibres help it to resist deterioration from seawater, alongside fungal and bacterial growth, preventing the build-up of mildew and mould. What’s more, any exposure to sunlight results in a pleasantly weathered and timeless look.

The coarse natural fibres also result in an incredibly hard-wearing material that will stand up to a lot of friction and abuse, even on flooring that experiences a high volume of traffic. Don’t expect to be buying a replacement within a couple of years – coir fibre is naturally made to last.


Coconut coir is naturally brown; it presents as a pleasantly earthy shade which fits in great with a muted colour scheme. However, it’s a versatile enough material to be easily dyed a multitude of colours.

Our selection comes in many shades, from blue to red, with a variety of patterned coir doormats and prints to suit any household or office space. A thick coir doormat could be the latest addition to complement and harmonise with your chosen décor.

It’s not only colour that we are able to diversify; we’re also proud to offer many different cuts, shapes and textures. While we stock many rectangular mats, we also have an array of non-rectangular and custom shaped large coco coir doormats to suit a broad range of tastes

Caring for your coir doormat couldn’t be simpler. It’s easy to vacuum and requires a quick handwash to remove any dirt or stains. Maintenance doesn’t get more carefree than that.

Thick coir doormats are the environmentally friendly way to decorate any entryway. Despite being made from recycled and sustainably sourced materials, coco coir doormats do not compromise on quality. Long-lasting and incredibly effective, you won’t regret getting your own coir doormat.

To get a thick coir doormat – large, small, patterned or plain – or to learn more about the uses of coco coir, visit our store page.