Keeping warm when gardening

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Toasty tips on keeping warm when gardening

In the colder days of autumn and winter, it’s important to keep on top of your gardening jobs. But chilly weather can make for miserable conditions. Make sure to follow our tips on keeping warm when gardening so you’re as happy as your plants!

Insulating clothes for gardening

When we’re heading out to garden, it’s tempting to just quickly throw on our scruffiest jumper or coat over the top of what we’re wearing. But anything cotton is going to soak up moisture. So in cooler weather, ditch the jeans and think seriously about how you dress.

Thermal layers are a great way to keep warm without bulking up. There’s a huge range of options, from vests to long sleeves and even thermal tights. They’re definitely worth the investment if you’re planning on a morning turning over the compost heap. Or potting on a heap of seedlings.

If you’re using old outdoor performance gear that’s seen better days, it might not give you the warmth you need. Many sportswear technologies rely on trapping the heat generated by walking or hiking. But gardening tends to be a little slower. So treat yourself to a padded jacket. Down ones are especially good at providing heat when you’re not moving around too much.

Want to try something different? The Bonnie Gardener swears by her Haramaki – a Japanese belly wrap –  to keep her warm.

Don’t forget your head! A snuggly beanie or bobble hat can be just the job on a cold wintry day. Why not go the full hog and opt for ear flaps too? #LumberjackChic

The best gardening outfit is head to toe. This includes warm socks. If you’re wearing wellies, liners and long socks will keep you cosy. Some gel boot inserts will add an extra layer of insulation too.

You might also want to consider upgrading to a pair of thermal gardening gloves. And if you’re really serious about your gardening, the Genus range of gardening clothes is designed by an actual gardener. They include lots of pockets, waterproofing and sleeves long enough to protect your wrists from scratches.

Toasty tricks and tips

• Hot drinks will warm you up – take a thermos. If you’re drinking from a mug, a mug cover will help keep the heat in!

• Outdoor adventure stores sell hand gel warmers to put in pockets

• If you don’t need to be too dextrous, mittens are always warmer than gloves

How to keep your shed warm

If you’re over-wintering seedlings and cuttings in you’re shed, you’ll want the Goldilocks balance of not too hot, not too cold.

You could add a heater or wood burner, but the costs will add up. Some cheaper alternatives include:

• Plug up any gaps to stop the wind whistling through

• Add a window or clear panel to let the sunshine in – magnifying glass can help boost the light and heat

• Install solar power – the DIY Solar Power Forum is packed with ideas!

• Reduce the area you need to heat. Can you cordon off a separate storage section for summer garden furniture?

Eco friendly insulation for sheds

Insulation is a win-win for your shed year round. It will keep it warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. You can fit sustainable insulation panels between the joists such as:

• Sheep’s wool insulation

• Woodfibre

Straw or hay

• Cellulose – made up of plant fibres and recycled materials

Tip: If you’re insulating a wooden shed, make sure to add a breather membrane on the wall before adding the insulation!

Doormats for outdoors

In autumn and winter, the cold can quickly seep through damp ground, an uninsulated shed floor or a concrete floor into your feet.

Why not treat yourself to one of our outdoor coir doormats? They’re sustainable, durable and won’t break the bank!

Tip: Pop a couple of doormats in front of your potting bench to make life more comfortable.

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What are your best hacks for keeping warm when gardening?

How do you survive the colder months in the garden? Do you have a unique way of insulating your shed or have any of your own neat tips and tricks?

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