Cactus Compost – 9L

The peat-free organic coco fibre in our cactus compost absorbs the right amount of water even after completely drying out. Its open airy texture allows for free drainage, which helps avoid water logging.

Coir compost naturally helps water regulation, but added grit and sand ensure the perfect drainage for all cacti and succulents.

Specially formulated to deliver the optimum balance of nutrition for cacti and succulents. Using a mix of thicker and larger coconut fibres in the potting mix, nutrients and water are available to the plant when needed without overloading these water-sensitive plants. Coming in coco coir brick format our indoor plant compost range is easy to use, store and expand.

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In stock

With a naturally light and airy texture, cacti love coir compost. With an added mix of grit and sand, this free-draining soil creates the perfect conditions for strong plants. Combined with a specifically formulated sensitive nutrient mix that helps succulents and cacti turn a luscious shiny and healthy green.

No lifting heavy bags again! Our compressed coir bricks weigh just 1/4 of traditional wet compost! At only 18cm x 18cm x 4.5cm hundreds of litres of compost can be stored in a standard household cupboard!

Any nutrients only begin to be released when water is added, so Coco & Coir peat-free compost can be stored for many years without any impact on the final compost quality. That is convenience X 3!

GUARANTEED FUNGUS FLY FREE : Sciarid flies cannot survive the processing of coco coir compost bricks. Our products will never introduce pests and flies into your home to breed and harm your beautiful plants.

  • Perfect for cacti, succulents, bonsai and alpines
  • Added grit and sand for optimum drainage
  • For strong healthy roots
  • Carefully balanced fertiliser
  • Just add 3L water in the convenient expanding bag to make 9L compost

It’s as easy to create beautiful fluffy compost as it is to store and carry:

  1. Remove sleeve and recycle
  2. Peel off the sticker and unwrap the bag
  3. Add 3L of luke warm water
  4. Wait for 5 minutes, but agitate after a few minutes to help water absorb
  5. Break up and stir with a trowel or your hands into an even, light consistency
  6. The compost is now ready to use.