What to Look Out For When Buying Coco Coir

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There are countless brands of coco coir on the market today and that number is expected to keep rising as peat moss declines in popularity. As you set out to start buying coco coir bricks for your gardening requirements, you’ll likely be told by the suppliers you encounter that theirs is a premium brand or ‘the best growing medium there is’.

Of course, this makes it tricky for the consumer to determine which of those available is the best value coco coir on the market. In order to help you choose from the myriad on offer, here are some top tips on what to consider before you make your purchase.



A good quality coco coir (or coco peat) is going to have a desirable consistency and be free of weeds, seeds and pathogens.

The material also needs to have the right physical structure in order to provide ideal growing conditions. This will largely depend on creating an optimal blend of three essential components: fibres, chips and grit. An even blend will help to ensure that the pores in the mixture are the right size for retaining water and nutrients.


A good indication that you’re buying the right coco coir for your gardening needs can be deduced from whether a list of its constituents appears on the packaging. If these do not appear, there’s a distinct possibility that you’re looking at a sub-standard item.

Whilst cheap, low-quality coco coir might be quite easy to find, superior coco coir may take a little effort and understanding to find.

When buying coco and coir, you must check that:

  • It is in the same condition as it was on the tree (not steam sterilised)
  • It is free from pests and pathogens
  • It has an even consistency throughout

Opting for higher-quality coco coir may cost you a little more, but you’ll invariably see the longer-term benefits as your plants grow to maturity.


Coco peat is a fantastic growing medium and a wonderful alternative to peat moss. It’s something we are keen to raise awareness about and to share with gardeners across the world.

If you’d like to learn more about our drive to promote greener gardening, visit our website. Alternatively, give us a call: 0207 1756786. Our team of friendly coir evangelists will be happy to discuss the benefits of using high-grade coco peat in your garden.