Smart ways to make the most of your porch

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Smart ways to make the most of your porch

It can be such a bonus having a space between your front door and hallway in which to store items. An enclosed porch also helps with insulation, blocking out draughts from the front door. But a porch can easily turn into a ‘dumping ground’ rather than a welcoming first impression. Read on for smart ways to make the most of your porch.

Small front porch ideas on a budget

In small spaces, you can trick the eye by making things symmetrical. Hang up artwork or plant holders on walls to achieve this.

Mirror mirror, on the wall, who has the best porch of them all? Boost the natural light to make your porch seem as spacious as possible by hanging mirrors. Have a porch which is open to the elements? No problem! There are many outdoor mirrors to choose from.

Bringing in texture to a space can really warm it up. How about cushions on top of a bench or some beautiful curtains?

Often small porches are made from left-over wood or materials. To give yours a unified feel, paint it outdoor paint. Or why not add faux tongue and groove panelling at chair rail height? As well as making your porch look more consistent, it helps protect the entryway walls from dents and scrapes.

Don’t forget the flooring! Paint wooden floorboards, or lay peel-and-stick tiles for an instant update. With a little elbow grease, you can even revamp stained concrete.

For a practical burst of colour in your porch, you can’t beat our sustainable coco coir doormats. They’re durable, absorbent and weather-resistant. Whether you want super sturdy raised ridges or a whimsical fun design, our natural and organic doormats deliver.

Porch storage space for shoes and gardening

With just a bit of thought and planning, you can squeeze in the functions of a boot room and shed into just one porch.

Adding some ‘sole’

Think height when it comes to shoe storage in a porch so you can accommodate wellies and outdoor boots. A bench gives you space to sit as well as a place to store outdoor footwear. Or what about re-purposing a garden bench or other outdoor furniture?

Shelving can also work well, but air needs to circulate so boots and shoes don’t get damp.

Tip: Using a sharp craft knife, you can cut up our coir doormats to act as liners on shelves. The coir fibres will trap moisture and dirt from the shoes, while allowing the air to circulate.

Rooting your garden supplies

Porches also make the perfect spot to store seed packets, twine and all the paraphernalia that can get lost in a larger shed or garage. Want to quickly nip into the garden to snip some herbs or deadhead some flowers? Have a basket with gloves, secateurs and scissors on hand in the porch to make the task easier.

You can even use your porch to store larger supplies, such as our peat-free compost. To save space we compress our compost blends, so it’s easy to keep a box of compost tucked in the corner. Just add water when you need it.

A place for everything

Making full use of your porch can really free up space in your hallway and garage. What about adding storage for umbrellas, car de-icer and scrapers? Remember, think vertical. Letter racks can be perfect for folded up shopping bags. And hooks for dog leads and poo bags can be a ‘paw-fect’ solution when you head out for walkies!

Front porch gardening ideas

Adding plants around a front porch can really help tie it in to your overall planting scheme. Think about:

Dwarf plants nearest the porch so they don’t overpower the space

Training climbing plants up and over the porch – for example evergreen jasmine, clematis, honeysuckle, roses or a wisteria

To tie in your porch with the rest of your surroundings opt for potted plants. Choose a theme for your plant pots that works inside and out. Then match your indoor plants’ leaf shapes with what’s growing outside your door. This will really help to bring the outdoors in as well as cohesive design.

Hanging flower baskets for small spaces

No room on the ground? Think about going up instead. Porches often have horizontal beams ideal for hanging flower baskets. If you think these are a bit too ‘twee’, think again! It’s all about what you put in them. Why not try some dramatic foliage plants, chillis or strawberries?

Extra dose of quick hacks

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